First and foremost I would like to thank you for visiting my website For first time clients I highly recommend browsing through the whole website.

I am an international superstar based out of Seattle, Washington. I’ve been told that I’m the “total package” and embody the “girl next door”. I am all about natural beauty. You may have seen some of my beautiful pictures. I very much enjoy pleasing people and love to be able to fulfill fantasies. Too Many to choose from.

My donations are competitively priced to other providers. I am not affiliated with an agency and run this website all by myself. I am the person who answers your emails (I don’t have an assistant…I also do not have a driver). I am very discreet and keep anything and everything between us confidential (that includes any of your info you provide me for verification purposes). I will only see one client a day so you can expect me to be fresh, energetic, and willing to please on our date.

I have an quiet, clean incall located near newcastle.

I do see couples. I also have a girlfriend that I do doubles with. If you are interested in having a two girl date once I have verified you I can send links/pictures of her. I prefer email over any other form of contact. My email address is I prefer you fill out the “Reservation Form” on the “Reservation” page. I will not discuss prices or services at all. It’s posted on this page. Please refer to my “Gallery” page for my photos professional, un-professional and also please take a look at my “reviews“. If I don’t answer your phone call please email or text instead of leaving a voicemail. Also please do not call multiple times as this becomes very annoying and will most likely make me not want to see you (patience is a virtue). California & Florida Rates  : 1 hour minimum $500 1 1/2 hours $750 2 hour dinner & dessert $1000 Seattle, Colorado, Montana, & North Dakota  : 1 hour minimum $350 1 1/2 hours $500 2 hour dinner & dessert $600 4 hour overnight $1,400 Extended Vacation 24 hours $7,500 Royal Treatment 48 hours $15,000 Couples: 1 1/2 hours $500 3 hours $900 Overnight $1500 6-8 hours   Duo’s (Seattle & Portland): 1 hour minimum $500-600 1 1/2 hours $700-800 If you are going to be late for our date please call me and tell me so. If you need to cancel please give me as much notice as possible. If you make a date with me but do not show up for it I will not make a date with you again. Donations for my time must be in cash in an unsealed envelope placed placed in plain sight. I do not use PayPal and do not take credit cards. I do not offer half hour appointments as I do not feel this is enough time to get to know one another. If you must leave before the end of our time because of work or other time commitments, I completely understand. My time, however, must still be compensated for the entire scheduled hour. Please freshen yourself up before our date begins. It is a huge turn off for me when someone is hygenically unclean. In my incall I do have a shower and many body products, toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash for you to use if needed.

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Elite Venezuelan Model  –  Victoria Lee Hilton

The Ultimate Hilton Luxury Experience. I’m Victoria Lee, a 27 year old elite companion currently based in Seattle, also available for travel worldwide. I enjoy meeting only very few discerning gentlemen seeking a truly unique experience from an exceptional young lady who enjoys the positivity she can bring to their lives. I can proclaim how ‘high end’ I am just like every other companion on here, however I actually am. I am very well reviewed amongst a few boards. I’m currently pursuing other business endeavors so can only limit my time with a select few gentlemen that enjoy the finer things in life. I provide a sensual unrushed experience with a genuine connection so I prefer at least a few hours to get to know one another over a fine wine and leisurely meal. I enjoy seeing a small circle of elite men and prefer long lasting friendships as opposed to quick rendezvous. Monthly arrangments are available if there is mutual compatability. Your privacy is just as important as mine so please bear in mind that I am very discreet.  I possess a charismatic and witty personality aside from my seductive beauty and can accompany you to any dinner, travel destination, or quiet evening in. I also have an extensive collection of designer lingerie and shoes I would be happy to model for you;) I am well versed in the art of seduction and am always in pursuit of fulfilling fantasies. I look forward to our adventure together….Until then, VLH A Little bit more about me – I have a contagious smile that you will immediately Lust for. A Spicy combination of Venezuelan, Spanish, & European. 32F-29-36. Purrfectly proportioned. An ass to die for! I have the longest Brunette Hair (almost to my Butt), Green Sparkling Eyes, Dimples, and a Beauty mark that signifies excellence. The sweetest demeanor you’ll ever find in a courtesan. My personality is Sparky, Exceptional, Outgoing, Blunt, Fun, Aggressive, Dominant with a hint of submissive. I am sure to have you smiling for days to come. We both want this to be an experience we remember. The Ultimate Hilton Luxury Experience. I have a dirty little mind that loves to role-play. My specialties include- -Babysitter-Secretary -Intern -Squirting -Neighbor Girl -Oversea Encounters -Lost little Girl + many more! As you can see I have the slutty imagination to go along with yours. Bachelor Parties Private Parties Exotic Dancing Dinners Overnights Duos Contact Information: Victoria (Vickki) Lee Hilton 1-206-402-9167 VickkiHilton@yahoo.comVictoriaHilton.comProviders Schedule: Mon – Fri 11a-10p & Sat – Sun 2p-7p Availability:    See calendar The more notice you give me, the better chance we have of meeting. I do confirmations an hour before the pre-arranged date time.My Location: 10 minutes east of Seattle near West Lake Sammamish I have a car so I’m always happy to do a “Field Trip”. NOTE: Your Experience MUST be confirmed an hour before appointment. (A woman requires an early notice to get dolled up for a very special date


At the beginning of our meet, please have gift ready and placed at an obvious location to insure your stay. Outcall is only available to hotels & residences. While I am happy to accept last minute phone calls and text messages for appointments, it may be advisable to please email me in advance and to include 2 references and/or links to your reviews. Advance email is the best way to guarantee an appointment. Generally, when I am working, I do not have time to answer my phone due to the steady volume of calls. Of course, you’re always welcome to leave a voicemail or text but please email as well. Menu & Etiquette: Read my reviews for do’s and dont’s. It’s all been covered at one point or another. I have a doctors in kissing! I’m pretty open minded to everything except bb. All repeat clientele have grandfathered companionship rates and my first priority. – Due to the nature of this business, I cannot and will not discuss money via email, text, phone, or in person, if this happens you will not be responded to and all further contact with me will be ended even if your a member on the board and your handle has already been given. There is no reason to jeopardize my safety at any time. Thankyou to those who always follow this anyhow. The Ultimate Hilton Luxury ExperiencePublic Line: 1-206-402-9167  &

Unprofessional Photos from March 2011 – November 2011

  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 137
  • Bust: 32F 
  • Waist: 26″
  • Hips: 35″
  • Hair: long, black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Age: Mid-20’s
  • Nationality: European Spanish Venezuelan
  • Languages: English

I stay active, eat healthy, and take care of my body.  I’m a light social drinker, drug-free, no stretch marks or scars.

I will treat you with honesty and tender-loving-care. My stats, age and pictures are genuine, I like to be as truthful as possible with my clients without compromising too much.

  I am very versatile in providing an experience that will completely satisfy you. I chose to become an elite courtesan in 2005 and during this time, I have shared many rewarding connections and created wonderful experiences. I love my life and the freedom I have gained. For myself, I am an artistic perfectionist.

 I always provide an encounter in which I can be proud of. My wish is to be the object you desire.

 Let me show you what you’ve been missing. Don’t just read the reviews see for yourself! 

Sincerely, Victoria Lee Hilton XoXo (206) 402-9167

TER ReviewsTNA ReviewsMontanaBoard ReviewsPreferred 411 ReviewsSpokaneBoard ReviewsVictoria Lee Hilton – Superstar REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) God, I hope so. COMMENTS: Vickki is the total Girlfirend. She greets you with a warm hug and warmer kiss and listens attentively to you. She flirts madly just like that girl you’ve always wanted to ask out but never had the nerve. She is a breath of fresh air, intelligent, funny, perceptive, and so damn sexy I almost can’t stand it. Tell ya what, if it’s possible for someone to seduce you with her eyes, it’s this lady. Yeah, even with all those beautiful curves and the low neckline, it was a struggle to take my eyes away from hers. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe them….or her.   The art of seduction is alive and well in Vickki Hilton. Engaging conversation, holding hands, gentle caresses, everything just like you want the perfect date to be. She is passionate, tantalizing, 100% female and she definitely made me feel 100% male and as if I were the only guy in the world for her. Fellas, if you want a living, breathing fantasy, then Ms. Hilton is the ideal companion.   If there was any justice in this universe, she would be all mine forever. What a sweetheart! What a passionate, loving woman. What a figure! What are you waiting for? Meet this living doll and see for yourself. She lives up to everything you’ve heard and then some. God, someone throw a bucket of cold water on me right now. Kellymon

Vickki Hilton – Not a Session, An ExperienceRECOMMEND: Highly REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Absolutely COMMENTS: I’m sure everyone has seen Vickki Hilton’s posts. She has wonderful ads with breathtaking photos and a ton of glowing reviews (she certainly doesn’t need mine, but I can’t resist). For some reason, I was always intimidated to initiate contact with her. She is just so beautiful and has a legion of loyal followers. But, I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and reached out. I was very surprised at how quickly she responded to me, and how consistent and wonderful her communications were. From the initial contact, she has been consistently responsive, friendly and just plain fun to communicate with. We had to re-schedule once, but that just led to a series of texts and emails and much flirtation over the phone, which I love. After waiting a long time, we finally met. Vickki is much more beautiful than I had anticipated. She blurs her face, so I had a different expectation in my head of what she may look like (still a good one) but when I saw her I was struck: she has such a beautiful, strikingly stunning face, long silky black hair, and a body that is all woman. When she first saw me, she rushed to me and gave me a nice hug and kiss and led me around her incall for a tour. Then, something wonderful happened (at least for me), we actually sat down and spent a good amount of time just talking, getting to know each other, flirting, lightly touching and caressing each other. It really felt like a date, and that’s what I wanted. The process was slow and deliberate and sexy and naughty. And when we finally became naked and intertwined, the passion was amazing. Vickki treated me like I was the hottest guy in the world, she kissed me all over, her hands never stopping from touching me, her arms wrapped around me and always pulling me close. Her body felt so wonderful against mine. We entangled like snakes, writhing around each other and savoring each other’s skin. Until we finally both exploded at the same moment…an unusually intense moment. After this, we sat on the bed naked and just talked again. Still holding each other, discussing life and other various things. A good long time of just basking in the afterglow. And then it was on for round two, and this one was even more intense. It went from passionate to naughty to loving to sensual to slow to hard to racy and everything in between. There was even some spontaneous role-playing, which I did not anticipate, but was an absolute turn on…so risqué and fun. Again, another intense explosion for both of us and we collapsed in a heap, both sweating and spent. And then another wonderful thing happened, we showered together, cleaned each other up, dressed, and then sat back down and talked again. It was so cool. No rushing. No in and out. No other agendas. This was like a real, amazing first date. Nothing felt acted. Nothing. It all just happened as it would happen with someone you were really into, had dreamed about for a long time, and finally had the chance to be with and they were so into you that time didn’t matter. All that mattered were the two people together. We went far over our allotted time and Vickki never even blinked. I was the one who had to excuse myself to beat traffic home. All in all, this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Sexual, passionate, dirty, relaxing, fun, accommodating. I could have spent several more hours (hell, the entire evening) just hanging with this lovely woman. She is a joy and there is nothing fake about her. You know you are seeing the real woman and not a provider act. She pulls no punches, was straight with me and I loved it. It’s refreshing. Thank you Vickki for your amazing experience. You know I will come see you again if you’ll have me. I think the next time will be even more raucous. Better warn the neighbors a party is gonna happen. Treat her great, guys. 51Flavors VickkiHiltonRECOMMEND: Highly REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) YES (don’t need anymore, just her number 


 ) It was a pure girlfriend experience! When I got there, she gave me a kiss in the parking lot as if she is my girlfriend for years! Once inside her apartment, she showed me around her place, we chatted for a couple of minutes, she cleaned up and we went to her bed. Then ….. well, I will keep this part in myself! One thing I can say without any hesitation – you may or may not agree, but I don’t care – she is the best in this tnaboard !!!!! Freshnnice Her panties were so wet, it took a day and a half to dry out! RECOMMEND: Highly REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) If I don’t, I’m an idiot, but oh yes COMMENTS: So, this being my first review, I’ll try to make it accurate and somewhat short, but let me tell you I had one of the best provider experiences of my pooning with Vicki Hilton (I’ve seen other providers for years, but never reviewed any of them til now).  I called her during the day and we agreed to meet up near her incall.  She was polite and professional on the phone and it took only an hour to meet up with her.  We didn’t go inside to have coffee, but instead she called me before she pulled into the parking lot and I followed her up to her incall.  We pulled up to park, got out and she met me with a long kiss hello.  Nice.  She was hot as fuck, wearing jeans and a blouse under a nice jacket.  We got to her apt. and it was nice and clean, where we went back into her bedroom, where it was a futon on the floor with mirrors on two walls.  We sat on the bed and got to know each other a little bit, a little kissing and she said she wanted to clean up real quick just to be fresh.  So we both got naked and hopped in the shower to wash our bodies real quick, and then she put on a pair of panties I brought her to wear, they looked awesome on her nicely shaped badonkadonk butt.  We started kissing a little and she remembered that she didn’t have any of the covers she likes to use in the apt., so she put her clothes back on and hustled out to her car to find some (she found them).  When she came back in, it was on. We started kissing passionately for a little bit, until she rolled over, which eventually led my kisses down to her beautifully curvy ass, where I spent some time worshipping it with my mouth.  She started talking dirty and set up a role playing scenario while I started in on some D**Y from behind (she is tasty and smells great).  After a few minutes, I rolled her onto her back so I could spend some quality time down there and when I started hitting her perfect spots with my tongue, she unleashed the flood gates.  Soaking my beard and the panties I gave her, I stayed down there for about a half hour of what seemed like constant squirting orgasms.  She completely drenched the panties I gave her (which is what I wanted her to do, so I could take them home with me, and yes it did take a day and a half for them to dry out), not to mention my face; I can’t reiterate that enough.  We moved over to some C**, which was outstanding, and then started into some m__h.  She likes to be teased, so instead of jamming it in, I rubbed it all around her soaked k***y, gently probing it and easing it in, until we finally started having a rhythm.  It didn’t take her too long to flip over so we could walk the dog, and as soon as we did, she laid flat on her stomach, and with her little friend (a pink vibrator), proceeded to let me f**k her in my favorite position (and I didn’t even have to ask for it).  We both came together (I know this because when she c__e, her inner muscles flexed on my c***, causing me to spurt as well).  We hung out for a little bit after cleaning up again in the shower, and attempted to go for round 2.  She got me hard by kissing me passionately while j_____ me , but I went soft after she got on top for some C*.  Some C**, some more m*** til I went soft again, and wanting to give me another release any way she could, we went back to some more kissing and handpuppeteering.  I took over and released myself when her arm got tired, but by this time, it was well over the hour (definitely not a clock watcher).  We got dressed, chatted some more, and when we left she gave me a nice kiss goodbye. I highly recommend her, even if I’d like to keep her a secret so I don’t have to share her.  She was beautiful, good sense of humor, very accomodating, and above all, fun to play with.  Thanks Vicki, I will be seeing you soon to soak some more lingerie for me. scruffylookingnerfherder VICTORIA LEE HILTON – ATFRECOMMEND: Yep. REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) She’s my ATF, so that would be a YES. COMMENTS: This review is a little late but I promised Vickki I’d write it as soon as I got a chance. I’ve known Vickki for about 5 years now and each time we meet she seems to bring something new to our encounter. After 5 years, I thought she couldn’t surprise me much anymore but yet she did. Now I know I’m no great lover and when I see a provider I am there for one reason and it isn’t for her sexual gratification. Some girls I’ve been with will definitely make an attempt to convince me of their satisfaction and some recognize I’m seeing them for one reason and whether they reach o isn’t my main intention. But Vickki is special, she knows why I’m with her and she doesn’t pretend anything different. She still manages to make it fun and sexy and erotic but her climax isn’t why I’m there, yet she still seems to enjoy herself. Of all the times I’ve seen her she never showed any signs of o, she definitely showed signs of pleasure but not of an all-out o which didn’t bother me since that’s not why I’m with her. This all changed this last time I met her. She arrived as usual and we went through all the standard pre-coital rituals; hugging, DFK, fondling, and some 6*. It was during 6* that I noticed that she was giving instructions in short labored breaths and started squirming around trying to find her “sweet spot”. After about 20 minutes of this we switched to mish and then to R*G. She started slow in R*G but started to get more determined. Before I knew it she was furiously humping my c**k and making these low guttural moans. She couldn’t seem to f**k me hard enough and showed no signs of stopping. She let out a loud growl/squeal just before I shot a huge load. She collapsed backwards and curled up next to me as we just laid there basking in the afterglow. I have to wonder what new discoveries she’ll bring to our next meeting. Spanky100 Vickki Hilton – She sets the bar gentlemenRECOMMEND: Do bears shit in the woods – Hell Yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Abso-fuckin-lutely COMMENTS: I will start by saying, if you ever have the chance to see this beauty, take full advantage of the time, because when your done you’re not gonna want to leave.  If you have to cancel with her…… me…I’ll take your spot in a heartbeat.   There are times when the actual experience with a provider doesn’t meet the hoopla behind them.  This is not the case with Vickki.  She exceeded all of my expectations.We met then went to her private apt.  I was met with a beautiful smile and a very welcoming kiss. Once at the incall, we got to know each other on a little more of personal level, chatting, kissing, laughing  and just having a truly good time – she makes you feel very comfortable and you feel like you’ve know her for years.  She is a down to earth, a true person and is very comfortable with herself.   You feel like her boyfriend.  She is truly GirlfriendE. We made our way to the bedroom, where she layed on the bed and allowed me to take in the true beauty of her gorgeous body as I took my clothes off.  I paid for 1.5 hours, but after seeing her naked body, I thought to myself, maybe I should have paid for just 5 minutes, because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to last longer than that 


I started by kissing and made my way to her tits, where she had nipples that could cut glass.  Her breast are perfect – Yes, I said perfect.  If you looked in the dictionary for breast, you’d see hers. Once I was able to break my focus on the breast I continued south where I started D__Y.  Another paradise in itself.  I don’t know how long I was there – but it wasn’t long enough.  She moaned and let me know what she liked. I pretty sure I was able to accomodate. We switched positions and she started kissing me down my body and then it was on to C*J.  Honestly, I really couldn’t tell that I had a cover on because she was so good at it.  She was really focused on my reactions, to insure that I was being pleased. We then switched to 6*, 70, 71……Awesome. Keeping it fresh, we broke out a t*y and starting playing. After some toy time I was so excited I needed to go in to m______.  I now know why they call it m______ .. because I had to pray I wouldn’t bust too soon.  Thank god I didn’t, because I wanted to see that ass so I rolled her over and finished with d****y style.  Wow is all I can say. We layed for a while, kissing, chatting and getting to know each other more. We finished with a shared clean-up in the shower. There is so much more that I could write but, Gentlemen – if you have the chance to see her – DO IT!!!  If you don’t, it’s your loss. I luv this women…….she is unbelievable.  She sets the bar. Incognito manThe Extraordinary VickkiHiltonRECOMMEND: Oh hell yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) As soon as I can COMMENTS: This is an interesting review for me to write. I’ve been thinking all night about how to describe my experience with Vickki, and I’m still not sure how to do it. We all do this for various reasons, and we all look for different experiences. That’s all good. They all have their place in this world, and I’ve enjoyed lots of them during my hobby career. But I’ve never had an experience like Vickki. She’s honestly the one of the most friendly and genuine women I’ve met since I’ve been doing this. She likes this. She likes meeting new people, and if it’s good, having crazy sex with them. If you’re decent to her, she’s the cool girlfriend you never knew you were missing. I get the whole GFE thing. Done right, it’s a great performance. Vickki is someone who, if the world were a better place, you would actually have as your girlfriend (and be damn happy about it). You don’t get an extraordinary rack like hers by being an anorexic gym rat. She’s soft and curvy and round in all sorts of good ways. She’s built for comfort *and* for speed. She greeted me outside of her place barefoot and cold, and we hurried up to her apartment. I realized I’d left my donation in the car, and went back to get it. When I got back to the apartment, she was coming out of the shower naked, and I was just a little bit speechless. We laid on her bed for a brief while, her casually naked and me clothed, just talking, until she finally said “you need to catch up” and off came the clothing.   She kisses beautifully, and pushed her extraordinary breasts into my face and said “pay attention to the girls.” Orders like this I take happily. Did I mention she kisses really, really well? Eventually, I felt the need to go down under, and here’s where things got interesting.   Vikki is very explicit about what she likes. Personally, I like a girl who gives clear instructions, and hers were very detailed. Ok I said, it’s her body, I’m gonna do exactly as she requests. Big payoff.   She likes to talk while she’s getting her pussy licked. She was hunting for a role to play while I was going down on her, and eventually I surfaced for air long enough to say “Catholic schoolgirl” and she was off to the races. I will not even begin to describe where her imagination went over the next 20 minutes, except to say that every 5 minutes of so, she got quiet and her back arched and my mouth filled with copious quantities of fluid, which made me realize I was dealing with one of the most extraordinary squirters I’ve ever encountered. By the time I was done, she’s gotten off many times and her bed had a wet spot the size of a large dinner plate. We threw a towel over it and got on to C*J, which was fabulous.   Moving on to d____e, she got out a t_y that she used on herself while I went about my business. We did that till she got off, and then she flipped over, and we went at it m*** with the t*y wedged between our bodies. Big screaming O followed pretty soon. Oh yeah, hers was loud too 🙂 I nestled my head between “the girls” for a while and we talked. She’s really very sweet, and I enjoyed her company very much. A quick rinse in the shower to remove the assorted body fluids and I was on my way. Definitely an hour well spent.   Vickki’s a lovely woman and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her again. Play safe, -Cat Catnapped   Duo Vickki and Olivia Luv ( their second victim :))     RECOMMEND: Are you kidding ? if your budget allows , run to see them 


REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) good question. For Vickki ( 3x) already and every time getting more better. Olivia was the first but will arrange soon   COMMENTS: We started by make-out , one on one then 3 togerther. Man, whatever I could think of, I got it delivered … And beside, Vickki trusted me enough to did some extra stuffs( Dont’s ask what they are , I keep for myself though) she normally doesn’t do to get us warming up ( Lucky me ). Olivia was totally Girlfriend Exp plus. Let’s put this way, Olivia started speaking French on me first while Vickki and I were kissing then they switched, and 3 of us  were kissing togerther ( How’s hot that sound?) I won’t go in every details what we did in that amazing, crazy fun  hour but I got 1 sexy imagination in my brain want to share : I did Vickki in D___y with her moaning and screaming ( her favorite style) while Olivia was on her knees right next to me DFK and I did F_V her..Ghosh , It was ultimate experience and never forget. And of course we did so many positions as we could until I explored and it was the big “O” I haven’t had for a whie Vickki and Olivia, Thanks for such a great time.. Next time  , I will set up longer session with both of you , an Hour is not enough . Until we meet again my ladies, take care and be safe. My advices to you guys, show up with super clean hygiene , treat them extremly good and you might be rewarded …  JohnSea VickkiHilton (A lot better than Kim K.)RECOMMEND: She’s a keeper gentlemen, just be gentle when you go see her and pls. save some for me 


REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Duh! I need to return for another check-up. COMMENTS: Some says she looks like Kim Kardashian, but for me not a thing. No offense to Ms.Kim K.(I’d seen her video) but I found this one of a kind beauty a lot better in person. Dr.Hilton’s face and perfect curvaceous body alone is no match with Kim K. Not to mention her oh so lovely breasts and her smiling sexy smile will melt someone who stares at her. So be careful when you see her 


 She’s a total package with her built gentlemen. Dr. Hilton is been on my radar for awhile now. In my interest to see her, I think I had read all her reviews and posts. I found all informations about her to be all positive.  So I decided to asked her for a doctor’s appointment and forget about the long drive that I will do (only reason why I did not see her earlier-bad decision on my part). I had my appointment granted but our schedule don’t match for awhile until finally we both have the same availability. Thanks to my dayoff from work 


I was told that the doc wanted to meet at a coffee shop first (oh boy her beauty caught my eyes instantly) then went straight to her incall. Her place was clean and things are in order. You can tell it is well managed by this lovely woman. Right after she locked the door, I got my first dfk kiss from her (I’m already hard at that time) then said “let me show you the inside my place and tell me what you think”. What can I say? Very nice ambiance, I feel at home. Turn on some soft music and lights up a scented candle. She cleaned up and next time I see she’s all nekkid. Her room is full of mirrors. Start kissing her(DFK) same time caressing her breast and her entire soft body. What a kisser. Lay her down while kissing (wish could just kiss her all day) then I start to kiss and lick her lovely twins with my hands all over her body. They’re so beautiful and responsive. Down more to the belly, legs, her behind. I think I licked everypart of her anatomy. Then I found the best part between her legs and oh boy she love’s it there talking naughty and moans. She said it later on “can we do 6* but first I need to b* you”. Oh hell, yessss. But then she said “whatabout a little I_____ first, I’ll show you how”. Only a sick person will say no. Our trip to Italy is making me more sick, I almost got to heaven. It’s good she stop and ask me to stand up forC_J. She is good in putting the cover via her mouth. I had a lot of view on her while doing c*j from the mirrors on the wall. My first on standing ovation. After that I had my R____N lesson (my dickie is so happy to meet her lovely twins) a little bit then as promised, we did 69. Later on she jumped on me C_ with naughty talks making me more hard. Stayed on that position for awhile and I told her that I might be spilling soon. She said “we still got lots of position to do, not yet. let’s do some D_____E”. Oh boy, this woman is sooo hot. From her behind I can see her fully figured ass and she start using her t_y on her with me on her back. Holy mother of pooning god, she’s screaming on her Os. After that, she said, “I want you on top of me”. I am like a slave following his master’s command. On to mish with her legs spread apart up and DFK at the same time. Then to sideways. After that she then asked “you want me to be on top of you?”. What would I do except to obey. There’s nothing more I could asked. I told her I can’t really control it anymore but to c_m and the more she goes up and down more harder til the hot fluid inside my body c_ms out. She still stayed on top of me for a few. She then got up and cleaned me up. We stayed in bed for awhile cuddling, kissing and sweet talks. After that she asked if we could do both a shower at the same time. I can’t imagine myself taking a shower with this beautiful hot woman. My d____e’s hard while in the shower. I wish there’s still time but nope we need to stop, even though she’s not thinking of the time. She is the best doctor to see if you’re not feeling good. You’ll be cured at once just be looking her, guaranteed. Right now, I still can’t believe that I was with one of the most honest and beautiful woman on tna. Every second of my stay with her is well worth of my time. She is a pooning treasure gentlemen.Menm94Vickki Hilton – My 1st Review!RECOMMEND: yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?)yes COMMENTS:This is my first review and my first time with anyone on TNA. Victoria was the perfect start 


So after a long time just being a dormant member of tna I finally decided to see somebody. Vickki’s pictures looked amazing and was longing to see more. After a couple of email exchanges we set up a date at my place. she was right on time. I went to the parking lot to receive her and out walked a tall gorgeous brunette out of the car. She was wearing a tight low cut top which exposed a bit of clevage. Right then I knew this was going to be one hot date! She greeted me with a hot kiss. Wow what a kisser! Her personality was friendly and warm and though it was my first time with a tna provider, I was immediatly at ease. Soon we were cuddling on my couch, chatting joking and touching each other. She asked if she could take a quick shower to which I agreed. She walked into my bathroom and left the door open to let me have the show. Watching her naked body under the shower was too much for me to handle ..I didn’t want to waste any more time and we moved to my bedroom. There the action began .. We started french kissing passionatly, we were like two long lost lovers. I moved down to her breasts, kissing, nibbling and sucking. she started moaning lightly and also started talking dirty. I was so turned on. we moved to 6*. Must say Vickki has great o__l skills, I was afraid I would spill right then. I told her I wanted to get insdide her .. she got up and got ready to in doggy position, She also got her toy out and while I was at it from behind she started touching herself with the t*y, at first the slight vibration felt weird, but my mind was occupied with view of Vickki’s behind. her moaning got louder and louder, she said she was about to come. I went harder, she came and that made me come too. We both crashed on the bed and made out a but more. Unfortunately I had other appointments after and I had to watch Vickki leave. I wish I had left more time coz I was ready to go again soon… sigh lesson learnt for next time, keep you calendar free! thanks for such an awesome date Vickki, see ya soon! Rudi_brysonVickkiHilton RECOMMEND: yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?)sure COMMENTS: Victoria has been on my TDL for a while. Somehow the stars aligned and everything fell into place. After initial email with references she asked to meet at a Coffie shop close to the in call. I arrive a little early sit down with a drink and about 10 min later she arrives. She looks really great. I remember jeans but the top was a VERY Low cut top. The twins were hard do miss. We quickly leave for the party. Incall was less than 5 min away. I wouldn’t want to walk it. But close. After going inside with a new provider I like relax a bit. After dealing with the paperwork it was time to get to business. I enjoy exploring a providers body. And no place better end than a little D__Y. I understand everyone body is different. And i like to be as considerate as i can to that. I don’t know if it was first meeting jitters or what but in the end I only got a few fleeting moments with those beautiful petals before we had to move on. However she has very impressive skills in the B* department. Even with the C*J she was able to not just give me a great time she managed to entirely swallow my length to the point I could feel her lips at the base repeatedly. I had a great time with the many positions we explored. Even when my leg started to cramp a bit at the end she was totally accommodating. If you ever wanted to know what a body like Kim Kardashian has to offer were all lucky to have Vikki. Thanks so much Hun! TommyTalonVickki Hilton REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Yes COMMENTS: It was a while back that I saw Vickki although it doesn’t seem like it because she gives such a memorable experience. She is uniquely confident and flirtatious, I doubt she has had a shy moment in her life. When I arrived she showed me around her place, we chatted for a couple of minutes before I went and cleaned up. I came back in the room and she cornered me with a big smile on her face. She came at me and pushed me up on the wall, I teased her for being so aggressive and we had a good laugh. We had our fun and I gave her my patented 2 minute drill. lol Honestly I came away a little mindf**ked. She definitely knows how to connect with someone.Masrne   ATF Victoria Lee Hilton – 3 part review……MUST SEE!   RECOMMEND: Don’t walk, Run to see this gal.REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Already Have, and plan to again.   COMMENTS: Words cant even explain my experience with Victoria Hilton.. She is simply AMAZING…….. When i first saw Victoria, her appearance is Stunning. She literally left me breathless.  We first started to talk and got to know each other. Her beauty was too overwhelming, that i could not concentrate on what she was saying:) So after we got to know each other, we proceeded to her place which was very cozy and clean.  Victoria made me feel very comfortable especially since this was my first time doing something like this.  What happened between me and Victoria is just simply MAGIC. I will not go into details, but my experience was beyond what i expected.  You will not regret one single moment with Victoria.   Round 2: So i invited Victoria to a Summer jam concert and so we meet up at a location and drove to the concert.  We enjoyed the music and she was really great company. One thing that made me repeat my experience with Victoria is the respect and genuine personality that attracted me toward her.  She is truly a Man’s dream come true…….. After the concert, we sent shopping and just had a real blast… Round 3:   Like i said on Round 2, She is a Man’s dream come true and I wanted that dream to continue so that is why round 3, 4, 5 and so on………….. So tna board members, you just need to experience Victoria so you know exactly what i am talking about….. You will not regret it …. Definitely recommend before I take her off the market! MichealJordanDynamic Duo Vickki Hilton and Olivia.LuvRECOMMEND: Only if you want to have a hot fun sensual time either one on one or together REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) If my heart can take it (wink)  YES YES and did I say YES   COMMENTS: It seems that on this day Dr. Hilton arranged to bring an assistant!  To be honest, I have only done duo in my fantasy.  So sometimes fantasy does come true.  Although I have know Vickki forever and am always comfortable with her, I wasn’t sure what a threesome would be like or what to really expect.  We all met for coffee and got to know each other, felt good energy and proceeded to Vickki’s place.  After a bit of small talk, Vickki was completely naked, and Olivia dropped the sun dress and was also  ready for party time.   In just a few, they were hot to make a man-which and I was the meat 


.  Both of these women love to kiss taking turns with me and each other.  Three sets of hands enjoying and exploring each other…seeing Olivia and Vickki deep kissing, rubbing and licking each other’s nipples while hovering above me…..and soon all over me.   The great thing about both of these cuties is that they are so comfortable with each other which makes the three way fun even better.  While enjoying Vickki’s kisses, and naughty talk, Olivia showed off her great oral skills….not to be out done, Vickki soon joined her in sharing hot throbbing c__ksicle. The sight of these two out dueling each other with my sword  was beyond hot.    Vickki and Olivia have different approaches and boundaries, and as long as you are comfortable with this, you will have a great time with both of them.  For instance, Olivia loves to use her hands and fingers on herself, Vickki loves her toys.  Olivia is not shy about a ___J(and knows her way around) Vickki does nothing uncovered (although if I wasn’t looking I would not know the difference). . OL likes some light biting, which is not Vickki’s style. So while the particular menu items may vary, the sensuality of each one does not . When I could wait no longer, I threw Olivia’s legs up over my shoulders and got to a real “Hello Kitty” moment. . . all the time Vickki was using her toy and telling me what to do to her.  .    After some time, Vickki made it clear it was her turn. . . .a quick change of the c____, her perfect ass in the air…and I was checked in at the Hilton!  At that point, I couldn’t hold back any longer…and Vickki, who was patiently waiting, got the prize! I fell back into my man-which place, totally blissed out and TFO as well.  Some clean up time, small talk, more hugs and kisses and promises to do this again.   For me, I  prefer grown up women to young girls and both Vickki and Olivia are perfect in that regard.  Dr. Hilton and Hello Kitty are a fine pair to draw to.  I could get hooked on this.   Thanks to both of you for making this perfect summer Saturday an all time memorable one. Elgee  VickkiHilton: Great Provider, Ultimate Satisfaction Vickki is a great energetic provider who loves what she does. Client satisfaction is at the top of her mind and she totally delivers ( even multiple times). Do not miss her, she is good. gorich.andersenRev Vickki Lee Hilton – Client Recommendations !REPEAT: We did, so yes! 


COMMENTS: This write up is for a great girl! Me and my boyfriend were looking for a third and wanted a professional so we could have some set rules and I would be totally comfortable with it all. She did great! We met up for dinner first and she was great to talk to. After dinner and some drinks we made our way to the hotel where we started to have some fun. She and I both wore lingerie to add to the fun but they weren’t on for long! She stuck with the rules and made sure I was absolutely comfortable with everything that happened. My bf was in absolute heaven. She and I were on each other like crazy and we made sure to include my bf in everything. She and I took turns sucking his c*ck and I could tell he was loving it. When he was f*cking me, she would play with his b*lls because I wasn’t able to reach and he was loving it. She went down on me also and she did a really great job! She definitely knows what a girl likes! 


After we all came we cleaned up and laid around for a little while to recoop from such a great time. I left thinking maybe I could go totally les! We obviously liked it so much, we came back for seconds. It was just as great and we will have to go back for more! Dell Sexy Girl-Friend!!Victoria Lee HiltonRECOMMEND: Absolutely REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) For sure COMMENTS: I saw Vickki’s reviews on TNA and was very impressed.  We were able to get together, and it was an amazing experience for me.  She is beautiful, very sexy, and incredibly fun to be with.  Her outstanding technique (the best kisser ever)  and incredible looks are as good as it gets.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and hope she got some pleasure from the experience.  She should not be missed, and I hope to see her again on my next trip to Seattle.Touchstone101Vickki HiltonCOMMENTS: I contacted Vickki on a short notice. She asked me to comment on her review to confirm my TNA handle. She was there in matter of couple of hours. She is a super-charged engergizer bunny girl. She brought nice bikini outfit and her t*ys. She is very chirpy and bubbly girl. She put on the bikini for me and soon we were rolling on the bed. Amazing DFK, suckable tits and C*J. Very soon I was dining at the * and she was responding with grunts and heavy moans. Then she lay on her tummy with her t*y underneath and asked me mount her and I obeyed. It did not take her long to get big O with loud sound effects. I feared she could be heard in the hallway. Then I pounded her in m______y and finished in few minutes. After that we engaged in intelligent conversation. She is beauty + brains + high octane companion. Favor Vickki Hilton – DO NOT MISS !!!! RECOMMEND:  HELL YES !!!!REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Yes and if I had it my way, I’d hire her to be my assistant no scratch that I’d hire her to be my boss 😉   COMMENTS: When you are in a new placer and/or new to the world of Pooning, your fear probably overpowers any excitement you have to the experience. Vikki is like a friend, guide and Mentor who’ll calm your nerves, give you the warmest welcome and take you on a trip of a lifetime. This one started with bit of twist, we agreed to meet for dinner at a swanky restaurant in downtown Bellevue and Boy was that one of the best ideas ever. Victoria (or Vikki but she prefers Victoria 


 met me at a popular hangout spot and was dot on time <Didn’t really expect that, this is better than actual GFE !!>. She will answer your calls with the chirpiness of Great Tits <<It’s a bird you perverts 


>>  hence coordinating with her is a pleasure, it’s like talking to your girlfriend with every sentence prefaced with sweet nothings and excitement.  Anyways, coming back so we met at a popular joint and I am trying pick my jaw up from the floor… HOT is an understatement!!! We exchanged pleasantries, exchanged thoughts on plans for the evening and headed off to the restaurant for Dinner. Fast forward to the Dinner, also a good opportunity to let you guys know of another GF trait Vikki possesses, she completely losses track of time and will truly focus on enjoying your time together… My 2H appointment ran for 4H <Yes, I am a lucky DOG>  YMMV here but the essence is the unhurried nature of our time. Loved it!! So back to the dinner, well Victoria made an otherwise formal place a bundle of laughs and smiles, I think the host was in love with her charm too and the way she was casually flirting with me in a public place made me feel super very comfortable/special and the whole $$ exchange underlying this meeting  was a forgotten thought. I was truly on a date and my instincts to impress the girl were firing all guns. A brilliant ignited dessert marked the end of dinner and the 2H time I had with Ms. Hotness ran out at this point itself, I would’ve happily left from there, quite satisfied with the time we’d spent together but that’s when Victoria dropped the sentence you want to hear on any date “Do you want to drop me to my Apartment 


 I was more than OK with that and next thing we know we are in her super posh and discretely located apartment and her “come hither” eyes gleaming with an invitation to the Bedroom… No weird moments no awkward pauses, just going with the flow, I had no idea when we were smooching like teenagers in love, wrapped around each other, our legs locked in a tangle of lust and anticipation… Her F cups begging to be released and loved…  I was never into reed thin girls and Vikki is just what the doctor ordered for me.. Her ass is like a stress reliving cushion designed by the finest Italian designer… She’ll go with your body language for both hints on what next and feedback on what’s happening, before I knew my pants were off and Junior had a cover on him applied using some stunning mouth technique. This was followed by what most of you are scanning this review text for!! The C** soon converted into an intoxicating 6* that led to some M**h which was smoothly followed by some D***y style pounding and seeing the feedback from the jiggle happy ass made my month!!  some standing, some more D**Y and lots of mind blowing kissing throughout the sesssion… You might end up with a couple of bruises but those will not be from Vickki, instead they’ll be from you pinching yourself to check if you really are fuckin the brains out of such a sizzling hottie. GF traits Optimus, she actually cleaned me up while I was reeling under the raptures of an orgasm and lied next to me looking in my eyes with the love and tenderness of a couple dreaming of their next summer home near the beach.. Someone had said in a previous review, “ If you have a weak heart, stay warned!!”  I can only say +100 You might and probably will fall hard for this lovely girl. I am glad I didn’t have a ring handy; god knows I just might have proposed!! SUPER RECOMMEDED!!TIPS: Being Clean and good hygiene are the obvious ones, be Courteous, treat her well and don’t equate her to the fleshlight you own. As long as she feels respected, Vikki is a no drama girl and will take good care of you in your journey to pleasureland. ULTIMATE GFE NOMINEE FOR 2011 – Matrixneo313 VickkiHiltonRECOMMEND:  YES REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?)  YES COMMENTS: Vicki is a natural at reading people.  She heard that I was stressed talking to someone new and I could tell so was she.  The good news was that she didn’t hold that against me and when I saw her, OMG. Gorgeous. After we entered my place she started doing some kissing, she’s a real G*E guys.  She’s great at kissing too.  That helped relax me.  She then asked if I wanted to see some lingerie shows. HECK YEA!  She then used me as a dancing pole to practice on.  Needless to say, I was a terrible pole.  I kept getting in the way ;-).  Then came the C*J.  Wow. There was one pole though that was good to go.  Normally with providers I do not go all the way because … let’s face it, when you’re used to no raincoat with a SO, the presence of one just ruins it.  Not with her.  She was the rare provider which did F* the right way, relaxing me, and taking me into a different place, and even with a raincoat, it was spectacular!  I don’t remember much after that, my mind was in a different place and time, but she was there with me.  After I was done she chatted with me and she is pleasant company too.  She’s also good at stroking the ego LOL. All I gotta say is I hope that I can see her again soon!  She’s sweet, and after the party, she and I were chatting and learned she likes cars.  So do I.  I showed her mine.  She’s got good taste.  She’s the type of girl you’d want to date.  So I will recommend, guys, get her before some lucky b*stard gets her for life! Esker_curve Happy time with Vickki HiltonREPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?)  yes COMMENTS:  she is a very sexy girl and we had a wonderful time, she is very kind, I will come back for more. LookforloveinseattleVickkiHiltonRECOMMEND: Yes REPEAT: Yes COMMENTS: So here I go again… I txt her and no response but after calling Vickki one time, she called me back within 15mins. I arrived at her place which was very nice little neighborhood by the way. We had a nice chit chat about anything and everything that was on our mind. She is definitely your girl next door. I love her smile and she makes me laugh. Of course, in the bedroom she turns the G*E into a P*E! When it was our time to turn down the lights and the clothes come off, the one thing I saw first was her feet. I dunno if I have a fetish but I like to see cute clean little feets, it just turns me on… The one thing that she told me to do was to be gently with her but man, she does have a dirty little mouth! my goal was to try to get M**G and Vickki happily helped me with that. She isn’t a clockwatcher and genuine enjoy our time together. Vickki even clean me up afterward. Now this is a provider who knows how to treat a man!  I am left drained and memorized by her for hours. Thanks Vickki you deserve my 2nd review! Wasabi08 Victoria Lee HiltonRECOMMEND: OH YES!!! REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) yes COMMENTS: Great gal, high energy! Normal meeting for new clients with some chatting to get to know each other. We seemed to hit it off well with lots of laughing and light conversation and quickly moved on..  Without getting to graphic, Vickki seemed to be very willing and accomodating. She’s got a lot of energy and enjoys some dirty talk (which I also found to be a nice turn on). So much so that we enjoyed M**G during our time together. YMMV, but things worked out well for me. She has a great ‘head’ on her shoulders and knows how to use it… I found her to be VERY HOT and VERY SEXXXY! Looking forward to seeing her again, and again… Notes for guys contacting any providers – be clean, be a gentleman, be discreet. Don’t ask for any specifics on the phone as you probably come across like a cop. Discreetly leave your agreed upon donation in an envelop on a counter when you see someone. Don’t hand it to them, and don’t ask for anything before hand, since that moves into the realm of something illegal. Don’t go there. You’re buying time with a nice person. After that, it’s whatever two consenting adults care to do together – that’s up them them. Be a gentleman and you’ll both likely come out smiling in the end. 😉 SeaMonkey69  Vickki Hilton Vickki is a can’t go wrong girl. Thanks for the experience Vickki, look forward to seeing you again. Littlereno Compre REV: This Just In: An ‘O’ at The Hilton!      RECOMMEND: Yes if you like exotic Hispanic mix…heck, even if you don’t! REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?): is the Pope Catholic? COMMENTS: Reader’s Note: This review was what made me pull the trigger to see her aside from her pictures. As promised, this will be my most comprehensive review to date. This isn’t a snub on the fine ladies I’ve seen in the past but I’m at a point where I can draw useful comparisons to other great TNA All-Stars. I know it’s not exactly fair to compare provider to provider but c’mon, we’re all human here. More specifically, we’re men and we just naturally like to compare someone who we’d like to see with someone we’ve seen in the past so we know what we’re getting ourselves into. To start off, she’s one spicy Latina. So if you like girls with that saucy attitude, you can stop reading right here and book an appt. She answered my email for a special right away and we were quick to suggest a few different times that would work for both of us. After much anticipation, we finally met after her dance class. She said the timing couldn’t be more perfect as she’ll undoubtedly learn some new moves she’d want to test out on me 


Met at a public lot and then I followed her to the incall. Once inside, the first thing we did was a mini-photo session per my request. The results are what you see from the ad link above (teaser pic below). You are welcome, gentlemen. She’s a very beautiful and well filled-out woman! They’re fun to play with physically and even personality-wise they share similarities. Vickki is good at dirty talk as all her other reviews indicate. Vickki is also NOT A CLOCK WATCHER AT ALL. This is important for those who think her rates are too high, I can most assure you that it’s really not for the type of experience you are getting plus the length of time you end up with. She gives a nice ***. I don’t usually see non-**** providers but her D* and eyes made the C*J worth it. With Vickki, I honestly had more fun with the foreplay than the C*J, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Isn’t that what true G*E is all about anyway (aside from a ****)? I usually don’t see girls who only do C** but her pics were too hard to resist. True G** entails being comfortable with someone and having fun with the foreplay as much as the ********* itself. One great little trick she picked up that I noticed another gal used uses too is that they’ll get on all fours and brush their body over your p*n*s back and forth. Must be a stripper thing? I don’t care, it’s fawking hawt and I’m sure y’all agree for those who had the luxury of seeing either Tina or Vickki or both! Sorry to name drop so much and to write a lengthy post, but I felt like it’s necessary for such a great experience. I know I like comparisons to make life easier for me. Everything you heard about Vickki Hilton is true – she’s a not clockwatcher, she enjoys dirty talk, she has a pretty face with a curvy body, and she knows how to treat you like a king. You will find yourself enjoying every single minute with this lady. Even if you do expect that and feel “let down”, then go ahead and give this submissive girl a hard spanking like I did so that you could see your red handprint on that juicy ass. Oh Vickki! What, a, delight. Thank you again for a great time.Sonicsforever21“VickkiHilton – Happy 50th birthday to me!”RECOMMEND: yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) if she’ll have me!! COMMENTS: This was such a unique encounter for me.    I rarely have an afternoon session, and the incall was very close to me.   I love the location of it – it felt like sneaking away for love in the afternoon with a gorgeous woman!!!    You drive up a ways to get to the incall, so it has a feeling of open space and being away from it all.  Huge bonus! She had been on my list a while and her pics had been driving me crazy so I knew that REALLY wanted to meet her.  When I emailed her I mentioned that I was turning 50 soon just to see if that might help turn things in my favor.   Don’t know if it really did, but she was aware of it and made sure that she gave me a fantastic session with some extra time …..  she’s not a clockwatcher anyway, but the extra time was great (thank you Vickki!!!!). Her ad says <<I am a successful artist in the form of kissing, and know exactly how to find all the sensitive spots. I will take you where no woman has ever taken you before>>   She totally lived up to that.    Kissing her was fantastic.  Like I said, I was moaning just from kissing.   It’s an experience – not just a “session”. If you look at the pics on her ad, you can see that boob men (like Wedge – hahaha) will just love her – she definitely has it up top.   Like I stated above, her body is voluptuous, and I like all of it, but I just absolutely love her rear end.   I think I held it one way or another for most of the time. She gave me an amazing time.   She knew what I liked and she gave it to me.  But what also made it so arousing was that she was talking to me about how she knows she’s giving me what I like.   Such a turn on!!!  She has some mirrors that I was looking at in certain positions which just enhanced the whole thing. I usually don’t give details but she said it would be okay – the highlight for me was her on her stomach with me running mini-MItnaKe right in the groove of her rear (I think that’s called “*****n”) …….. with some lube on it.   Great visual for a butt man.   But then we did lazy d*g and she used a v* and had two screaming O’s.   Of course us guys want to give her an O without any added help, but hell – I’m glad to have just been somewhere in the mix. Great birthday present, great afternoon, great kissing, great experience.   Thanks Vickki!!!  You made it memorable.MItnaKEVictoria Lee HiltonRECOMMEND: Yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Yes COMMENTS: I’ve admired Vickki’s ads for some time now. I tried to connect with her a couple of times when last minute opportunities sprung up, but none of those panned out. Finally, after a lot of patience, we were able to synch our schedules and pre-book a date! She was hot. Vickki had a grey top on with jeans and heels, but she couldn’t hide her phenomenal curves! It was a pleasure just to watch her walk in to grab a drink.   Vickki is bubbly, friendly, and outgoing; she was quick to make me feel comfortable. After some brief chatting, we got ready to play. She is a sight to behold! She’s got a wonderfully voluptuous body. Like MiTNAke said in his review on Vickki, boob men, like me, will love what she has to offer. It is bountiful! This picture best captures what her body looks like in person:WedgeWow Dr. Vickki Hilton great outpatient careRECOMMEND: Absolutely Yes REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?)As soon as I can COMMENTS: After a few Emails and texts I was on my way to what ended up being one of my best experiences here to date. We met at Starbucks she texts that she’s inside i’m on my way when I look over and this gorgeous woman is step for step with me, I knew it was her Viccki is better than any of her pictures we have a little conversation get our drinks and off we go to her place in my car. We arrive at the apartment I followed her up the stairs guess why, Any way go inside to clean space a little chat then to a back room she takes a quiky shower as I stare at her great bod you cant believe how nice her boobs are. Then this wonderfull bubbly personality comes out throughout the session great kissing very sensual like you’ve known each other a good while very nice eye contact She makes you comfortable from start to finish she stripped me down for a great standing C*J outstanding with mirrors every where then off to D**Y very nice K**ty tasty and sensitive she likes it very soft I cant remember the order but oh my she realy loves Do**y man very responsive all the rest is just a blur of great kissing and fondelling This girl went way over time with me making my time with her just outstanding. She makes you feel like you’re the special one in her life if for only that session I loved it. A quiky shower together a little  more talk then the ride back to her car  nice kiss goodbye and I was on my way!!Cyotie59 Vickki Hilton – Some things are just that good!!RECOMMEND:  VERY MUCH REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) Yes   Quick response to e-mail and easy scheduling. This was my first time with Vickki, so she suggested to meet at a Starbucks to get to know each other. I was absolutely amazed when I first saw her. Vickki is stunningly gorgeous and greeted me with a big kiss. I knew then it was going to be a fun afternoon!! Vickki looks way hotter than her pictures and after a short conversation we drove to her place. She is very energetic and bubbly girl. She put on some sexy lingerie for me and soon we were rolling on the bed. She made me relax right from beginning and quickly stripped me down for a great C*J with mirrors conveniently placed along the walls in her bedroom. After that we moved on to 6* and she was responding with heavy moans (she likes it soft) while deep-throating me. I asked her to move to C* and she promptly complied. The view of her firm FF boobs nearly made me spill! Absolutely amazing!! She asked me to fuck her doggy style and lay on her tummy with her toy underneath and begging me to fuck her hard. I diligently obeyed and after a few minutes she came hard with loud sound effects…The rest of the afternoon continued in equally steaming fashion, so I will skip the rest of the play-by-play… Vickki is an amazing girl. She has a great personality and provides a true G*E experience. It literally felt like I had known Vickki for years after just 2 hour. She is a great kisser and she makes you feel like you’re the most amazing guy in the world. I enjoyed our conversations as much as I enjoyed our playtime. She is definitely not a clock watcher and we ended up going for M*** later on in the afternoon. Sorry for being light on the play-by-play details, but the most important thing is that my time with Vickki was pure joy and I’d repeat in a heartbeat.The”O” Victoria Lee Hilton REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) You bet COMMENTS:  Not knowing the full details of Victoria’s in-call situation I first proposed I cook her dinner at her place.  I’m no chef but a good cook at very least in my own opinion.  Only to find out that isn’t an option at the in-call unless I furnish prepping, cooking, and eating materials.  I tried to make it work but travel schedules for both of us interfered.  An opportunity arose where we both were available as well as my place and Victoria came over for dinner.  I timed dinner to be ready with enough time prior for proper introductions, appetizers, and conversation.  Then I plated the meal only to have Victoria stick her nose in a flower which left a unforgettable moment in my memory when I asked her what the hell was on her face.  Imagine the coloring of saffron on this beautiful girl’s nose and cheek.  Priceless.  The pollen wouldn’t come off without soap.  Some other funny things happened during dinner and the conversation was candid and real.  Dessert was delicious and the fresh fruit was too.  The night ending in a nice kiss with some skilled maneuvering on the part of Victoria.  I think I won because she asked for a rematch, or was it the other way around?DukeSeattle

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